League-Of-Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game in which there are different styles, themes and architecture for the different towns
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 How To Farm Money.

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PostSubject: How To Farm Money.   Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:19 pm

We Will Start With The Easier Way (Farming Woods)
First You Need The Woodcutting Skill Book Find It At 168,83 League City
Second You Need The Axe Find It At 150,62 At League City
You Can Farm Woods Any Where, (Normal Wood) You Can Sell It At 111,149 League City  7500G each single wood,
Note: Thunder Lake Trees Drop 70 Woods For Each Tree, So You Need To Upgrade You WoodCutting Skill. (You Can Upgrade It In The Same NPC Where You Bought The Skill By Opening Life Skill Book, Every 10 Books = 1 Life Skill Point)
Now How To Go ThunderLake?
Its Simple Go To Teleporter Cindy At 140,96 League City Click On This NPC And Choose Thunder Lake Option
Now Move To 116,129 Build A Ship, You Will Need It.
Done? Move To 93,151 The Same Map
Set Sail Your Ship Then Move To 61,181 Enter The Portal
Then Move To  43,39 There Is The Trees That Drop 70x Woods
Have Fun!
Other Ways To Get Money:
System Give You 250k Every 5 Mins
Pirate Cove Lv55 Piggy Mobs Drop Piggy Statues  That You Can Sell For NPCs For Random Prices
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How To Farm Money.
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